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How Trimming Armpit To Not Irritation

Underarm hair is often considered disturbing appearance. Various methods are carried out to remove the hairs on the armpit from plucking, shaving to waxing. The most widely used is shave because this is the most convenient and practical. This time Vemale will try to give tips right underarm shaving in order not to avoid irritation as has been reported by boldsky.com. Check these out Ladies.

Do this process before you shave your armpits. Scrub the area before shaving your armpits. This will help remove dead skin cells so that will not make black armpit.

Moisten Underarm
how trimming armpit To Not IrritationMake sure the area before shaving your armpits wet although most people like to shave armpits while in a dry state. Use a gel or shaving foam used to make the result more subtle.

Use a maximum of 3 razor shaves. Do not use a dull knife untukkulit because it can cause irritation. In addition it will also be a black underarm skin due to friction dull knife.

Shave your armpits at night because you'll go straight to bed after shave. This will make the rest underarm skin. These tips will be very useful for those who have sensitive skin.

Shave after a warm bath. This is because your skin will tend to be softer after bathing and helps the razor glide more easily on your skin

Hopefully this information is useful for you yes Ladies. Good luck and be beautiful ...